Badlands Fine Art Landscape Photography

The Badlands… it is a phrase that conjures up an image of a stark and dramatic landscape. Badlands are a area of dry, yet heavily eroded sedimentary rocks, often full of colorful elements and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and salts. Badlands are a place of hoodoos and toadstool formations and steep slopes and buttes and gullies and deep ravines. The form that a badlands takes is usually defined by a combination of the sedimentary rocks found there and how dramatic the thunderstorms can be.

This collection of fine art nature and landscape photography showcases the dramatic terrain unique to badlands. Prints of the photography in this gallery are available to order through the selections offered on each photograph’s page. If you are interested in a size or print medium not shown, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris directly for a custom quote, or for a volume discount. Additionally, if you are interested in licensing an image, contact Chris to discuss your needs.